~ Weaving ancient moon cycle wisdom with contemporary transformational processes to access     your feminine power, ignite your soul's passions, and manifest your true radiance and purpose ~

Welcome, Dear Sister,


I’m elated that we’ve found each other in this magical virtual space.  It is my calling to support you in unearthing the Ever Present Wise Woman within you, so that you can step into the life of your deepest yearnings. 

As women, we've been taught to seek outside of ourselves for answers when, in fact, what we actually need lives inside us. Wisdom is our inherent birthright, but we've not yet been guided to access and trust our Inner Wise Woman.  I serve as a spiritual guide and mentor by lighting the path that brings you home to your truest divine self.  Through one-on-one sessions and sacred circle work, it is my honor to illuminate the journey that supports you to tap into your Inner Wisdom, shift your self-limiting beliefs and stand with sovereign grace and confidence as you create the flourishing life you are meant to live.

Through our sacred work, you will


   ~ Increase your energy, vitality, and zest for life


   ~ Revitalize your sensuality and sense of pleasure


   ~ Deepen your spiritual connection


   ~ Enhance your relationships


   ~ Expand your creativity


   ~ Stand in empowered confidence


   ~ Discover your purpose and calling


I am so eager to connect with you, Goddess!


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