Half Moon Waxing ~ December 26, 2017

    Riding on a moon beam with you, Beloveds, it is Half Moon Waxing as of this morning at 1:20AM Pacific. The mantra for this phase is "I focus. I create." 

    After having taken the whole week to allow what is seeking to emerge in terms of our intentions for this Lunar Cycle, now we start to bring what has been gestating inside of us to the outer material, physical world. 

    This is what I refer to as my "action time" and since I've been working with the moon cycles, I've found this time to be incredibly productive. 

    Why, you may be wondering? Because I'm not in full on doing, focusing, and creating on the physical all month long any longer. 

    In my "LBMC" (Life Before Moon Cycles) I was forever in doing mode. I didn't allow myself the ebb and flow of my own energy and was a definite "Push Through Polly" totally denying feeling tired, needing a break, or giving myself space to feel into how my Life Force Energy was calling to be used. I was the Quintessential Queen of "to do" lists with a list that never, ever ended and this odd low hum of overwhelm and anxiety that churned inside me nonstop. 

    This is the week where I now have the energy to be in full on "doing mode" with lots of focus and a surprising level of creative energy rising to the surface. The reason is the most important part of this message. The reason I have this energy is because this is the phase that I dedicate to doing on the physical plane. I actually dedicate and consciously choose this. It doesn't just happen. 

    Does that mean I don't go to work, do my laundry, and show up for my projects during the other phases? It's more subtle than that. Remember, in working with moon cycles we're working with the Feminine here. So while I show up for work and life the whole month, this week the magick is about the focus I bring to my intentions and the actual "doing" that I put into what I'm creating. 

    This is where I solidify my intentions, write them down, and shift into showing up and bringing what's been brewing inside to the surface and out onto the physical plane. 

    Let's get down and dirty practical, shall we? Of course like any gal who loves her magick, I love to pontificate on the mystical and the mysterious, yet, I know deep in my bones these cycles have so much to teach me on how to actually live my daily life here as a human on the planet. Nature at its absolute finest, yes?

    As we move into this phase that eventually leads us to the fullness of the moon, I invite you this week to move into "doing" energy in terms of your intentions. Send the resume, make the phone call, move the body, purchase the plane ticket, have the difficult conversation, write the letter, make the dr. appointment, get rid of the stuff in your home that is making you feel suffocated...

    See where I'm going here? The "action" itself is individual and I have found that aligning with the energy of this cycle gives me just the "ooomph" I need to get stuff done.

    How do you know what to choose when there's so much to do? Ready? This is so easy, you're mind is going to search for something complicated and convoluted, so climb out of your mind with me and drop down into your sweet heart. It is this simple:

    Deep within you, that ever present Inner Wise One who has been with you since you breathed your first breath has been gently directing you "to do something." Take your hand to your heart, take a few breaths as you "drop down" and feel into that. Acknowledge what it is. Begin. Just begin. 

    Imagine all of Life, The God of Your Understanding, and our precious La Luna guiding you every step of the way. We are forever accompanied, Beloveds. 

    I'll see you on the Full Moon...Baby, it's just a phase.


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