Full Moon 3-1-18

    Riding on a moonbeam with you, La Luna reaches Her fullness Thursday at 5:51PM Pacific.
    Time to celebrate, illuminate, and expand!

    The “Living Question” that so many of my Dear Friends and Clients ask me regularly is, “How can I best align with the energy of the Full Moon to make a difference in my life and really affect my intentions?” 

    Oh, how I love it when you ask these questions that are grounded in daily living because they ultimately bring me from the cosmos right back down to where I choose to be: Right here, right now, here with you! 

    Using ancient moon cycle wisdom to enhance our daily lives here on earth is my one of my life’s passions, so let’s draw down the moon to illuminate and expand on this Full Moon Energy, shall we?

    This is the time in the Lunar Cycle where we allow the moon to shine on our deepest intentions and yearnings for this month so that we see with what I like to call Spirit Eyes and hear with Spirit Ears what we might otherwise miss. Think of the full moon (Her) these next few days as a Giant Flashlight bringing crystal clarity to what it is you are creating this cycle and what “next steps” will best serve you.

    “Next steps” can be tricky sometimes, would you agree? At times, I find myself overwhelmed with the next logical step towards my intention, and this is when I call on Divine Intervention through Symbols. Symbols help me rise above the mundane and move me to a place where I’m showing up in ways I didn’t think was possible. Symbols get me out of my head and interrupt patterns where I feel like my wheels get stuck in the mud and I’m not moving forward.

    I use symbols to move me from phase to phase in the Lunar Cycle and interestingly, as I practice this, I find myself moving from phase to phase in my life with much more grace and ease than when I was “on the treadmill” of uninspired doing that was imprinted on me by our culture of “busy-ness.” Symbols get me out of my busy mind that runs like the ticker tape on the bottom of the news screen and into my body and spirit, and for this Virgo, that’s been my saving grace.

    I’m going to open up and share with you a symbol that’s really been meaningful for me lately. Illuminated Wings. Really? That’s it? Let me explain. I imagine myself standing on a precipice in gorgeous Sabino Canyon here in Tucson. Growing out of my shoulder blades are the most beautiful wings I’ve ever seen with the Full Moon in all Her glory shining above me. She shines the light on my deepest yearnings bringing clarity around what my next steps are, and then I hear the whooshing sound of my wings expand. Next, I allow the feeling in my body of “lift off.”

    Now, I’m really being vulnerable here by telling you this, and it may sound a little nutty, but I actually raise my arms first to a T and then over my head and back to a T so I can feel in my body the expansion as I drop my shoulders and open my heart wide. This feeling of expansion and open-hearted fluidity brings me to the place where I’m ready to dive more deeply into my yearnings and unleash my feminine power in order to affect change in my life.

    I’m practicing embodiment here, and I’d love to invite you into this with me! We have got to start climbing out of our heads more often and feeling into our bodies. Allow La Luna to inspire you to do this during each phase! In fact, let’s commit to coming up with our own symbol for each phase of the moon. It’ll be like we’re creating our very own Oracle Deck!

    I invite you to use my symbol or better yet, to allow your own symbol that represents your expansion in this full moon to come to the surface (we don’t reach for symbols, they come to us when we slow down and become aware of our surroundings). Take a walk outside and stand in the fullness of the moon these next few days and allow your symbol to emerge. Close your eyes, bring your hand to your heart, and breathe into this symbol as you see yourself expanding. 

    “Next steps” will come to you as you practice this simple and powerful way of Being. You will begin to see with Spirit Eyes and hear with Spirit Ears what you would otherwise have missed because you are intently showing up for yourself, slowing down, asking the question, and making yourself available for your Inner Wise Woman and La Luna to light the way to “your next steps.”

    Remember Dear One, no matter what is going on, whether circumstances are up or down, light or dark, what you “want” or not, just like our beautiful moon shifts and changes in form and intensity, so do our lives. Baby, it’s just a phase.



    Jessie Libfeld says (Mar 1, 2018):

    Beautiful image of embodiment!!! Nothing like getting out of our heads into our bodies. This week I was doing a past life regression meditation and images of horses came up. Now I am going to look up this symbol.

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