Get 'Er Done, Weird Sister Half Moon Waxing

    Riding on a moonbeam with you, La Luna has reached Half Moon Waxing Friday at 12:09 AM Pacific. During this time all the way up until we reach full moon next week, here is our opportunity to ride Her coattails and be in the energy of what I like to call “Laser Focus with Empowered Action.” 

    Since the New Moon last week, I’ve been allowing my intentions for this lunar cycle to emerge and getting to the heart of what really matters for me this month. What do I want to give in terms of my work in the world, what relationships do I want to focus on, and what’s really important in terms of my home and finances?  

    Giving my energy to these areas is awesome and it empowers me to live a fuller life, however, I’ve also learned the hard way that I need to be in a place of receiving, as well. For example, what do I want to receive this month from my partner? I’ve also been asking myself what does my body need to receive this month? In my case it’s massage as I’ve been dealing with a “Frozen Shoulder” for a couple of months. Finally, allowing myself to name what I need to really nourish my soul this month. Nourishing my soul may also actually give me guidance on that frozen shoulder, too. It’s all connected!

    Half Moon Waxing is where we start moving from the watery dreaming time of sensing into our intentions to a time of more grounded focus and creation around what is important to us. We’re headed from feeling into form now. This is where the masculine energy of doing meets the feminine energy of flowing. 

    As we move from the energy of Being to the energy of Doing, I’d love to give you a practical example in my own life. I love to write to you about what I’m experiencing in my life now so that you can see how practical and helpful it is to align with the cycles of the moon. There’s lots of “stuff” written out there about the moon cycles, but my question is always, “Yeah, that’s great, but how does cyclical living enhance my life?” So, here’s my current situation and how I’m using this cycle to assist the quality of my daily living.

    Recently, my Beloved and I have decided to move. He’s retiring from over 3 decades of public service, and we’re moving from the lovely and rugged Sonoran Desert to the lush and watery area of Washington Wine Country.

    We all know how much there is to “do” when it comes to moving. The “to do” list seems endless and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with completing everything in one place and preparing for the next. So after being in a time of dreaming into what I want to create this month, I’m moving into “getting sh!t done” mode. 

    Half Moon Waxing time is the perfect opportunity to “get ‘er done” and start checking off that list. I’m working on all those fun things like contacting the utility companies from internet to garbage and wrapping up all my tax stuff for my accountant (even more fun). Then there’s the best job of all, packing…and even before that there’s the sorting and asking, “what to take and what to leave?”

    A top priority for me, too, is scheduling final outings with my Beloved Friends here and holding my last monthly Women’s Circle, which has been one of the loves of my life. Wow! There’s a lot to do, so that’s why I need to focus and set up structures that will support me. 

    All of this takes an incredible amount of time and planning, so this is the week during the cycle when I get focused on what I want to create, which is a very smooth move done with as much grace and ease as possible, and I begin creating it right here and right now.

    Another practice I have during Half Moon Waxing is to look around me and notice what has been draining my energy, what is distracting me, and what might need to be put aside to focus on at another time.

     I’m more mindful this week of the time I spend numbing out on Facebook or watching TV as this can be a huge distraction for me. This weekend, in fact, I’m doing a Facebook Fast where from sundown this evening to sundown Sunday evening I am completely off Social Media. 

    While I love all the cool ways we connect through Social Media, an hour can go by and I’m sucked down the rabbit hole taking surveys on what Shakespearean character I most resemble. (One or all three of The Weird Sisters from Macbeth, in case you’re wondering.) I can’t very well get important sh!t done if I’m once again yanked in to the FB Vortex all the while chanting “Double, double toil and trouble,” right? 

    This is the time to set up the structures that will be of service to my intentions this month while I release distractions and ways of being that seem to be keeping my wheels spinning. 

    Our mantra for this week is “I focus. I create.” (Arylo, 2017) Even spending time with that mantra in short daily meditations gets my brain, body, and spirit in forward motion. 

    Keep in mind that whatever you’ve set aside for later you can pick back up again, if it serves you. But for now, support yourself by giving yourself everything you need to focus and create. Riding the energies of this Half Moon Waxing, remember, as always…Baby, it’s just a phase. 



    Jessie says (Feb 23, 2018):

    Love your practicality and your vulnerability in role modeling with examples from your own life. I love that I feel like we are chatting over a cup of tea when I read your blog. I focus, I create. So excited I feel lined up with the moon cycle right now!!!

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