Half Moon Waxing ~ January 24, 2018

    Riding on a moonbeam with you, today La Luna grows toward her fullness as she reaches her waxing-half phase at 2:20 PM Pacific. We’re entering the best time of the cycle to be in “focus and create” mode.

    We’re moving from the watery dreaming and sensing into our intentions space to a time of more earthy focus and creation around what is important to us.  We’re headed from feeling into form now.  This is where the masculine energy of doing meets the feminine energy of flowing. 

    Have you ever had yearnings and intentions during a lunar phase that were really important to you and they just didn’t materialize?  Do you find yourself at the end of yet another phase and you’ve gotten seemingly nowhere with what really matters to you?  I’ve been there, Dear Ones, again and again, so today I’m going to share a little secret that just might help you get some traction with that old pattern in order to manifest in the areas that mean the most to you this lunar cycle. 

    During the next couple of days, look around you and notice what has been draining your energy, what is distracting you, and what needs to be put aside to focus on at another time.

    I find this week is the ideal time to set up structures that support my “focus and create” week, so in order to do that, I’m very conscious about who I spend time with.  That friend who pulls on me with the latest drama in her life is a person who I don’t have lunch with this week because while I love her, she can be draining, so I set up structures that support my desire to be inspired.  The Sister who is excited about what she’s creating and happy for me when things are going well in my life and generally energetic and upbeat is the company I choose.  I’m more mindful this week of the time I spend numbing out on Facebook or watching TV as this can be a huge distraction for me.  Finally, if there’s something that’s been eating my time for a couple of months now, and it’s either not bringing me joy or not seeming to “grow any fruit” this is a great week to set that aside and come back to it after this phase has passed or perhaps to totally release it if it feels like the time is right.

    Just a few days ago, I was having lunch with an awesome goddess in my tribe, and she modeled beautifully what it means to actually sense into what needs to be released in order to make spaciousness for what is being born in terms of her sacred work and what she’s being called to create. I sat in amazement and listened to her tell me the story of how her life is so wonderfully full being a mama, a professional during the day, and birthing an entirely new project along with everything else.  She trusted her own Inner Wise Woman (Woo Hoo) , had a talk with her incredibly supportive partner, and was able to see a project that she could clearly sense had served its purpose and it was time to release and let go so more could grow. 

    This Sister demonstrated letting go with grace and ease something that was calling to be released. 

    In order to move into this “get ‘er done” mode, yet remain in “divine doing” as opposed to frantically jumping on the treadmill that can become our existence, we just need to be mindful about releasing what’s either draining us or what’s distracting us because it’s those things that tend to keep our wheels spinning. 

    Keep in mind that whatever you’ve set aside for later you can pick back up again, if it serves you, but for now, support yourself by giving yourself everything you need to focus and create.  Riding the energies of this Half Moon Waxing, remember, as always… Baby, it’s just a phase. 


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