Full Moon ~ January 1, 2018

    Riding on a Moon Beam with you into 2018, La Luna reaches her Fullness this evening at 6:24 PM Pacific.  I am deeply grateful to have traveled with you these last 13 moons and look forward to meeting here again this year to inspire our quest to “get off the treadmill” of constant doing and obtaining and live our lives in a more cyclical way aligned with the cycles of the moon. 

    “Everything that flows moves in rhythm with the Moon.  She rules the water element on Earth.  She pulls on the ocean’s tides, the weather, female reproductive cycles, and the life fluids in plants, animals and people.” (Susan Levitt, 2017) Everything inside of me sings with vitality when I feel aligned with the cycles no matter what is happening “out there.”

    When I think of the full moon, I often have this image of a beautiful wolf howling passionately at this bursting and pregnant luminous lantern in the sky. Interestingly, this particular full moon in January is known as Wolf Moon.

    As we continue to align our lives with the cycles of the moon, with each Full Moon my deep inquiry has evolved and gotten richer over this year.  It’s focus is on shining this lantern, the light of our Grandmother Moon, on the intentions I sensed into two weeks ago during the New Moon. 

    I’ve begun to spend time each full moon asking “What on the path toward these intentions is being illuminated for me?  What steps are being shown to me?”

    The energy of the full moon is all about illumination and expansion, so the Living Questions for me become “Where am I holding back?  How am I being called to expand?”

    These next few days are the time to shine the light on our intentions as we ask for clarity on our path.  This is the ideal time to ride the coat tails of La Luna and “act more freely and fiercely, to expand beyond what you thought was possible to unleash your feminine power inside to create.  This is the time to fully embody your power.” (Christine Arylo, 2016)

    These next few days bring a feeling of “Ta-Da” as I imagine myself exploding out of the box I’ve placed myself in due to my limiting beliefs and old stories.  Take a look at the intentions you set around the New Moon and really allow yourself some space these next few days to reflect on bringing even more clarity to them.

    How is my Creative Feminine Shakti Power seeking to emerge during the last half of this lunar cycle in relation to my intentions?  What is seeking to emerge? 

    May this year be blessed by the light of our Grandmamma Moon and may we remember that no matter what is going on in our lives, whether we label it good or bad, happy or sad, Baby, it’s just a phase. 


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