New Moon ~ January 16, 2018


    With New Moon upon us today at 6:17PM Pacific, I invite you to take A Ritual Bath at a time that works for you these next couple of days. Whether you'll be with us in our ceremony tomorrow eve (Our Live, Virtual Zoom Call) or doing something on your own, the purpose of what I call A High Priestess Ritual Bath is to prepare our physical, mental, and spiritual selves for ceremony. It sort of marks the portal into my sacred time each New Moon.

    If possible, it's great to do this just before Circle as this is medicine for each of us to "soak in the power of our own Being." (Lister, 2017) Be your own inner authority on how to prepare your bath, use your own preferences and intuition on what herbs and oils you might need right now. (check for contraindications for specific health conditions or you're pregnant).

    Here's what I do to prepare my own bath:

    As I run hot water, I pour about 3 or 4 handfuls of dead sea salt, then I usually put 5-10 drops of my favorite oils in the bathtub (which I love to imagine is a giant cauldron). After all, we're a pretty magickal bunch of goddesses, and we need to have a little fun with this!

    Tomorrow before our ceremony, I think I'll use my Serenity and Balance oils, two blends that I love from DoTerra. I love both of these for invoking these two emotional states and ways of Being for this time of year. I might also put a few herbs or a sprig of rosemary in the tub, as well. I complete the recipe with a few candles and maybe some sweet music and Abracadabra, I have myself a Sacred Bath.

    It's not just about atmosphere, though, what makes this bath special is what I do after I sink down into the water.
    Just allowing myself to sort of float and set an intention for my ritual and then I say it out loud (there's power in the spoken word). It's usually something simple like, "Dear Divine Mother, Assist me as I go into my ceremony this Eve on the Dark Moon. Guide me, speak to me, and help me to be present to what is seeking to emerge in my sacred work, my relationships, and my physical foundation as we mark this New Lunar Cycle."

    Allowing myself just to relax and feel the presence of the Divine taking in the scents and sounds and being here now is my focus. Really just being in a state of listening is what feels good for me.

    When I feel ready, I allow the water to drain and I just imagine all the energies of the last lunar cycle just going going down the drain and making their way back to our Sweet Mother Earth.

    I think of this as a way of blessing myself. We all have the authority and the power to bless each other and ourselves. That's how it was done generations ago before Patriarchy took over and made one man in a community the only one who could do a blessing, so every time I bless myself or a Sister in ceremony it creates a feeling of true and authentic empowerment. It is our absolute birthright to bless.

    Enjoy your bath and share your secret potions for your baths with us!


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