Once in a Super Blue Blood Moon ~ Full Moon

    Riding on a moonbeam with you, what an honor it is to be here with you today for the launch of my web site. If you’ve been following my posts on the moon cycles, together, we’ve grown in our Wise Woman Wisdom of aligning our daily lives with the cycles of the moon.

    If you’re just joining us, Dear Goddesses, welcome to this Sacred Space where we gather once a week to reflect on the moon phase we’re in and how we can actually choose to ride the energy of each phase and use it to enhance our lives as powerful woman leaders in our homes, communities, and businesses.

    If you are a woman with a vision, whether that be for your partnership, your family, your community, or your work in the world, you’ve just stepped into a warm and welcoming space where we very practically observe the phases of the moon to feed our bodies and our spirits. 

    As women, we know the power and wonder of our own monthly cycles, and there’s something within us that has awakened and remembers a time when we lived in community and tribes and we were deeply connected to the earth and the cosmos for our very survival. This deep relationship with earth and sky was like our compass in terms of when to plant, cultivate, reap, and harvest our crops and live in harmony with the land. 

    This rhythm has been lost on what many women have described to me as “the treadmill of my life” where they feel as though they never get to stop “doing” long enough to just Be who they are. A number of the amazing women I work with described their lives as one endless “to do” list, so there’s no time to pause, rest, and reflect on what really matters. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. 

    Over the past 25 years I’ve been practicing stepping off the “crazy train” of non-stop doing and into a reality where I intentionally choose when to dream and vision, when to move into “divine action” and act on those dreams, when to celebrate and expand even further into what I deeply desire, and when to come into a time of rest and “harvest” where I quiet my activity and take time for myself so that I can refuel. I do all of this in the course of each month using the wisdom of each phase of the moon. 

    It has taken me this long, some very amazing teachers, and having my own breakdowns and breakthroughs to come to a place in my life where I can truly feel the wisdom in my body and spirit and practice it daily. 

    Today, I’m launching my work into the world in a more visible way so that hopefully I’m able to bring some nuggets of wisdom to you so it won’t take you a quarter of a century to learn this wisdom. I took the long way, that’s for sure, yet I have no regrets. I needed to have the experience so I could be an authentic guide for other women who are interested in exploring this extraordinary way of living.

    Just think of me as a woman who walks right next to you holding a lantern on the path that illuminates your way.  Your own Inner Authority will guide you every step of this journey toward what’s most important to you, and I’ll hold the lantern so you can see down the path. 

    We’re a tribe of Goddesses who yearn to live and thrive unapologetically in all our glorious femininity. We are here to shine like the gorgeous full moon I’m looking at this evening as the clock strikes midnight and the moon shines brightly in my window.

    Until next week, keep in mind that whatever you’re experiencing, especially the breakdowns and even those awesome breakthroughs, Baby, it’s just a phase.


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