• New Moon ~ December 18, 2017

    Riding on an invisible moonbeam with you today as yesterday was the beginning of our last New Moon of this calendar year.

    This phase of going inward reminds me of how the bear hibernates in her cave during this time of year. She rests and renews for the Spring. 

    It may seem a tad incongruent for us to align with the pausing energy of the New Moon with all of the holiday preparations, parties, and family commitments, however, in my experience, when I take time every day to "press pause" and truly be present in the moment, these little pauses serve as almost "mini retreats" for my body, mind, and spirit. 

    There are a million ways to do this, and you know what method of Powerful Precious Pause (PPP) really makes a difference for you. 

    When I say, "I don't have time" yet I numb out on TV or here on FB, I'm really just making excuses for not showing up for myself. That's a whole other subject for another day, but for now, cave and retreat." Sit in front of the fire with a cup of tea and breathe, take a bath (I like at least 30 minutes for that piece of heaven), lay on your bed and cuddle with your pooch, light a candle and listen to your favorite play list, go for a walk in nature by yourself, you know what does it for you. 

    Another way I love to take my PPP is by using a mantra (a prayer) that I repeat over and over again as I align it with my breathing. Using the rhythm of my breath set to certain words really gets me out of my head and down into my body: right here right now. 

    The mantra I find helpful during this time is "I surrender, I receive. How I use this is simple: I take a breath and on the exhale I say in my mind "I surrender" and on the inhale I say "I receive." This feels like a sweet lullaby to me and it almost instantly relaxes me. 

    This is our time of deep listening where we allow what is ready and ripe to receive our Life Force Energy this lunar cycle to emerge and come to the surface. 

    Notice, we're not rushing to write our intentions down right on the day of the New Moon. We're actually taking this entire week to feel into what is calling for our life force energy this month.

    I love to just allow the inquiry all week long so that I'm first Feeling it. Form will come...Feeling first. Much Love, Dear Ones, hold onto the wisdom and remember "Baby, it's just a phase."

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