Wise Woman Moon February 7, 2018

    Riding on a moonbeam with you, Grandmother Moon moves to Waning Half on Wednesday at 7:54 AM Pacific Time.  Much attention is given to the New and the Full Moon, however, these half-time phases of waxing and waning carry their own unique energy, and I love to ride the coattails of this one, especially.

    Half-Moon Waning, as the moon begins her descent into darkness, is a time to begin to slow down and simplify our lives. I actually imagine myself sort of climbing a ladder from my head to my heart, one rung-at-a-time asking, “What is the wisdom that is emerging right now?”

    I’ve been taught to think of this time as “Wise Woman Moon” (Christine Arylo, 2017) and to be in a place of “knowing” that wisdom is available to those of us who are willing to slow down enough to actually take it in. 

    Mmmm…slowing down. There is a certain deliciousness in slowing down during this phase that I would not have understood a few years ago. Immersed in the endless cycle of “doing,” it seemed there was no time for slowing down, and there was even this thought in my head that, “Slowing down is for babies, let’s go Sister, you’ve got checkmarks to make on that to-do list.”

    Constantly being on the “doing treadmill” gave me a sense of control, I thought. The truth is the mindset of nonstop doing, producing, and pushing resulted in this low-grade hum in my brain that was like the song you hear in the morning that repeats in your head the rest of the day and drives you nuts. This “hum” kind of simmered in me day and night and carried the message of, “You’re not enough, so you’ve got to keep going, and if you stop, you’ll get behind. You need to keep up. You need to keep going.”

    Today, after some pretty amazing teachers and personal practices, I can look back and ask myself with amusement, “What or whom was I going to get behind?”  What does that even mean? Who and what am I trying to keep up with? Why? Does all this “keeping up” bring me Joy? Hell no!

    What was my “Hell yes” going to be, though? Whether it was motherhood, career, finances, home, or relationships, I felt as if I had to “be on top of it all” or I would be buried by it all. Sound familiar? 

    Take heart, Beloveds. There are many other approaches to living a life of bliss, and even in the chaos, we can be in a state of Joy. One such approach is aligning our lives with the cycles of the Earth and Cosmos, especially, our Grandmother Moon. Whether you’re a woman who still bleeds or not, we understand cycles. We’re cyclical creatures by nature as we have ebbed and flowed just like she does. This realization was it! That was my “Hell Yes!”

    When I began to align my life with the moon cycles, I found that I was benefiting from allowing myself to ebb and flow, to not only do, but be, and to sense into the yin and yang of each month. My anxiety levels began to drop, I felt better physically and emotionally. The spiritual shift in my Being was deeply fulfilling. I came to the realization that I am responsible for choosing how I’m going to show up in my life in each phase.

    During this phase I choose to align with nature, and I allow myself to “move forward by going inward.” (Christine Arylo, Feminine Super Power Year, 2017) I find that I don’t have to seek outside myself for what the simple path ahead is. I don’t need the permission of others to do what my Inner Wise Woman is calling me to do. I’m at peace with my decisions as I refrain from past approval seeking behaviors that have kept me stuck with my wheels spinning. 

    I write this blog to remind myself of the cyclical life I’m committed to and to offer you practical ways to “get off the treadmill” this culture has us running on. Step into the journey of your life, your yearnings, and your dreams. This is YOUR life, and this is full permission to step into the goodness and richness that is available to you by tuning into your Inner Wise Woman. 

    I invite you right in this moment to take your hand to your heart, breathe a few nice slow inhales and exhales, and ask your Inner Wise Woman, “What is the Wisdom that is coming through right now?” Then wait. Allow. Be silent. She will emerge. It may take some time, perhaps even a few days, especially if you haven’t had a conversation with Her in a while. Give it spaciousness, Beloved. That’s what this phase is all about. 

    Please remember that wherever you are right now, whether times are “good” or times are “tough” you can count on La Luna to be there in the sky, ever changing and shifting just like the circumstances of our lives. That’s why no matter what is going on in my life, I tell myself, “Baby, it’s just a phase.”



    Jessie says (Feb 6, 2018):

    Your wisdom is such music to my ears. Thank you for validating that it is okay to slow down and that life ebbs and flows like the moon. I love this wise woman practice of placing hand on heart. Amazing the power that practice holds. I have been feeling a shift toward slowing down these last two days and was thinking we were about to half moon waning. I have learned so much from you!!!

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