Join me for an experience of coming together in circle with 8 other dedicated Goddesses who desire to live in a more rhythmic and intentional way.  We will manifest positive outcomes in the areas of our health, emotional happiness, creative expression, relationships, leadership, sensuality, and connection to Source.  Using the cycles of the moon and the power of the 4 directions, we will journey together through 2 full lunar cycles and open to the power of manifesting through living in a more rhythmic and divinely inspired way. We will cultivate insatiable dedication to ourselves and stand with one another as we witness the power of 8 resourceful, resilient, and radiant Goddesses.


  • Eight 90-minute virtual circles with 8 other supportive Goddesses who are desiring shifts in their lives.


  • Teachings on the current moon phase, practical guidance in how to use the phase to manifest your desires, group meditation, and sharing of our Wise Woman Wisdom.


  • Weekly reflections and practices to deepen your “knowing” of aligning with the moon cycles and actualizing your deepest yearnings.


  • Daily opportunities for intentional “tune ins” to intensify the power of group intention and manifestation.


  • A circle of committed, supportive, and powerful Goddesses who will become a Sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.



DATE: Next Circle coming soon ~ to be announced

TIME: 6:00PM Pacific

PLACE: Zoom (online)


Commitment: $299


"What the world needs now is an infusion of the kind of wisdom women have and the form of the circle itself is an embodiment of that wisdom."


-Jean Shinoda Bolen, The Millionth Circle

Before I began to align my life in practical ways to the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of the seasons, I felt as if I was running on a treadmill everyday, all day long, and getting nowhere except feeling exhausted. My life felt as if I was moving against the flow and at one point I just "hit the wall." Sound familiar? Then I began to learn and experiment with the ancient practices of aligning with the cycles of the moon and combined them with my own creative approach to mindfulness and the mystical. The impact was life altering. I became responsive instead of reactive, and I felt a passion about being alive and engaged with life. I now have more peace, clarity, vitality, resilience, and verve for life! This ecstasy for living has created a deep desire to midwife the process for other Goddesses to come home to themselves. So much can be birthed in a Circle of powerful women standing for one another.

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