So much expansion is possible when we connect to one another in sisterhood and to our Inner Wise Woman. Here are a few experiences from Goddesses that I've had the honor to assist.

"Words alone cannot describe how transformative my work with Cheryl has been. For the past two years, Cheryl has been the facilitator I trust for guidance and support along my journey. With Cheryl come so many presents: fierce love, unwavering support and taking me from feeling lost and longing for connection to helping me see my radiance and embrace my profound sense of belonging! Cheryl truly listened to my specific thirst, desire and craving to help me realize that my "true essence" lies within and freed me from my own self-limiting beliefs. Cheryl liberated my visceral knowing, my deeper truth about who I am and showed me in a loving and compassionate manner what I knew all along. My brilliance, my radiance, and my highest self are revealed and Cheryl stands in witness of my continued unfolding and is unwaveringly my Soul Sister as I grow, change and let my voice be heard. I live in gratitude daily for Cheryl's presence and "presents" in my life." ~ Lynda W, AZ

"Working in circle with Cheryl has been a wonderful experience. I have been in several women's circles before for many years and this was like going to graduate school. She has all the gifts of leadership and mastery needed to be a group facilitator of this important work. It left me wanting more. I am excited to work one on one with her. I have had many coaches along the way in business and also spiritual development, but I have never been able to integrate these two areas of my life. With Cheryl, I anticipate a natural weaving together of these two areas of my life, because in group, she helped me to see the potential for that to actually happen." ~ Cynthia G, AZ

"I first met Cheryl in May 2016 at a Warrior Goddess circle she was facilitating. The first page of my journal from that circle said, "I really like the facilitator, Cheryl." It was literally an instant connection. She has this energy that is so magnetic and contagious—a brilliant mix of spiritual goddess and corporate executive that really speaks to me. On the last day of this circle, I was fortunate enough to get paired with Cheryl for an exercise. The exercise was about speaking our truth. Something shifted in me during that exercise with Cheryl. I felt truly seen in a way I had never experienced before. I had an epiphany that what I was seeking in life was reciprocal relationships. The day after that exercise, I woke up with a deep knowing that it was time to end my romantic relationship. My relationship was not reciprocal, which meant it no longer matched up with what I most yearned for. I immediately reached out to Cheryl for individual coaching on how to get through this breakup. We began working closely and intensely and I'm not going to lie, the work was hard. At times it hurt like hell. What was most beautiful was that Cheryl gave me permission to feel it all. She would tell me to allow what is coming up, "turning away from nothing." This was literally the first time I ever grieved a breakup. And now I realize that a breakup really is a type of death. It is an ending. It deserves the honor of grieving it. She not only helped me through that breakup, she also helped me start to prepare to call in the "One." She guided me to look at old relationship patterns and to move through them. She helped me look at the deeper truth of who I am. She reflected my greatness to me, even at times when I could not see it myself. She helped me get back to who I really am, and to be in a place where I can enjoy being "alone" while recognizing I am never truly alone; life is always on my side. I am eternally grateful for the work I have done with Cheryl. She has truly partnered with me on my journey to live the best life possible. I would recommend that any woman who is ready to uplevel her life, work with Cheryl as your coach."
~ Jessie, AZ

"Working with Cheryl has been transformational. I was at a point in my life where I truly lost hope in ever finding my way back home to myself and living a meaningful and satisfying life. She helped me identify the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from becoming the powerful, confident and radiant woman I once was. Cheryl has extensive knowledge in many facets of coaching and facilitation of personal growth and transformation; however, it is her empathy, compassion, and open heart that makes her unique. She is truly a brilliant coach who was put on this earth to do this sacred work. I now have great clarity with regard to my self worth, unique talents and purpose. I can honestly say that I am finding my way home." ~ Maryann, NJ

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